Old Phone

Old Phone 1.2

Turn your Pocket PC into an old-fashioned phone


  • Fun interface
  • Realistic dialing sound effects


  • Takes a while to dial each number


If you still hold fond memories of those old-fashioned dial phones, then you may want to install Old Phone on your Pocket PC.

Old Phone replaces the default Windows Mobile phone component, adding a real dialing disc in the style of those telephones. You can then 'dial' your number using Old Phone simply by clicking on the number on the display. The dialer will then spin around and the digit you entered will be displayed at the top.

There are a few options in Old Phone that you can tinker around with, such as the ability to toggle between a normal call and a hands-free one, switch back after a set number of seconds, and enable or disable the dialing sound effect (which is very realistic, incidentally).

Old Phone is great fun to play around with for a while, although after a while you get a bit annoyed by its slowness. It can take a couple of seconds for each number dial to animate, so I wouldn't recommend it for making emergency calls!

Ultimately Old Phone is a bit gimmicky, but it makes for an interesting customization for retro fans.

Old Phone


Old Phone 1.2

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